Welcome to your ParentFile!

Want an easy way to get started? Copy and paste the below email to your Mom/Dad to update your emergency contact information for them. Or if easer, give them a call right now and enter the information directly into your ParentFile in the Key Information Vault section. It’s a simple first step that gets you immediately organized and on top of things!

Hi Mom/Dad,
I just signed up for this new resource my generation is using to be more helpful as our parents get older. It’s called a ParentFile and I wanted to get some basic emergency information to have on hand for you. Can you let me know the following so I can make sure to have this in case I ever need it?

In my ParentFile I can also save any documents, records, files or anything else I should have on-hand so that I can be more helpful as you get older. If you have any electronically you want to email or physically you want to mail, send them along so I can get them safe and saved in my ParentFile. Thanks!

See why 5,000+ parents appreciate their grown sons still care!

That’s awesome! It’s people like you caring for their parents that make such a difference. Here’s why you got the email:

  • Your sibling started a ParentFile, a way for you all to stay in-sync and helpful as your parents get older
  • In your ParentFile is everything you need to have and know as your parents get older, all in one place, and perfect for siblings to all be on the same page
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